Alleviate Your Child’s Dentist Terror

A fear of the dentist is so common that it does not surprise us at all to see a grown adult run out of a dentist's waiting room in a movie or film. If going to have your teeth checked for cavities is so rough on an adult, what must it be like for a little child? Small children can be quite fearful about going to the dentist, but as their parent, you can take steps to make sure that they are confident about going to the dentist's office. Explain Nothing frightens a small child as much as uncertainty, but so much of their lives involve adults picking them up and taking them somewhere where they don't know what is going on. Make sure that your child knows where they are going and why they need to go to the dentist. Remind them that the dentist is not there to hurt them, and that they are going to be just fine. The more information they have, the better. Show Them If you are going to the dentist yourself, ask if it is all right for your child to come in with you as you get your treatment. Let them see you get your teeth cleaned or your cavity filled. If they know that you are going to be okay, they can understand that they will be as well. Show and Tell Make sure that you have a dentist who is familiar with dealing with small children. If your child is feeling particularly anxious, ask if the doctor will show them the tools before they are used on them. Ignorance is at the heart of fear, and the more aware your child is of the process, the happier they will be. Be Firm Do not let your child out of going to the dentist. It's very tempting to simply let them skip a session or to reschedule it for them, but you are doing them a disservice. Unless it would actually be mentally harmful for a child to be taken to the dentist, they are going and that is that! Be Choosy Not all dentists are created equal, and in fact it does matter who you take your child to. A good child's dentist is one who is very patient and very understanding of children. Make sure that you ask your friends and neighbours who they consider to be a good choice. If your child is particularly anxious about going to the dentist, getting a professional who specialises in children is a good choice. Fortunately, when it comes to finding a dentist in Gungahlin, there are plenty of fantastic professionals.