Cosmetic Tattoos—Feathering Vs Powder-Fill Eyebrow Tattoos

If you have never had an eyebrow tattoo done before, you may assume that there is just one technique that is employed to create full and attractive brows. However, cosmetic tattoos are available in an array of options. Eyebrow tattooing is also available in two main techniques. Your choice of technique highly depends on the outcome that you intend for your eyebrows. Therefore, it is important for you to know the two different types so you can decide which method will suit your desired aesthetic. This piece explains the various things you need to know about feathering eyebrow tattoos and powder-fill eyebrow tattoos.

Feathering eyebrow tattoos

Also known as eyebrow embroidery or the hair-stroke technique, eyebrow feathering tattoos are the most popular choice for individuals who are looking for bushy yet natural-looking eyebrows. This method is characterised by creating minute impressions that mimic real hair. A needle is employed, and it transfers pigment into the skin via short strikes. One of the main reasons why feathering eyebrow tattoos are a favourite is that they look incredibly natural.

Furthermore, they are perfect for individuals who already have great hair coverage but just want to thicken their eyebrows a little further to make them more pronounced. Since the feather strokes mimic the appearance of your natural hair, you get to create the perfect angular shape for your eyebrows without it seeming as if they were pencilled in. The one drawback of feathering is its short longevity, so you have to get it re-tattooed repeatedly.

Powder-fill eyebrow tattoos

Commonly known as a block or solid eyebrow tattooing, this technique is characterised by applying pigment via minute dots onto the skin rather than via strokes. The multitude of tiny dots will then create a block of colour on the skin, depending on how defined you want the eyebrow to be. Powder-filled eyebrow tattoos are the most traditional method of producing full, defined eyebrows, so this method has been around for a while.

Nevertheless, its feathering eyebrow tattoo counterpart is gradually phasing it out, since powder-fill tattoos look less natural. Furthermore, since strokes are not being utilised to apply the pigment, there is no texture simulation on the brow.

What should you choose?

Your choice between feathering eyebrow tattoos and powder fill eyebrow tattoos largely depends on the type of aesthetic that you prefer. However, that does not mean you cannot have the best of both worlds. If you want long-lasting eyebrow tattoos, you could opt to start with the powder fill as a base for the fullness of your brow. You can then conclude with the feathering technique to add volume and texture to your eyebrows.