3 Chiropractic Techniques That Are Employed For Back Pain

While chiropractic care can be undergone for a myriad of physical problems, one of the most common complaints that will prompt patients to visit a chiropractor is constant back pain. A broad range of things can cause back pain. From illness to poor posture, many people can be at high risk of developing this problem. Fortunately, through an array of manipulations, chiropractic care can help with pain management as well as complete alleviation of the problem. If you have been afflicted with chronic back pain, possibly accompanied by neck pain as well, here are three back pain treatments that your chiropractor could employ:

Flexion-distraction chiropractic technique

This chiropractic technique is utilised when the patient's back pain stems from scoliosis, joint inflammation and so on. When undergoing flexion distraction, your chiropractors will strive to align your back via stretching in an attempt to heal any disc herniation you may have developed. The more your body is responsive to the stretching, the higher the likelihood that your spine will achieve its proper alignment, subsequently eliminating the herniation. Flexion-distraction technique is also ideal if you have put your back out by carrying heavy loads.

Soft tissue chiropractic technique

This type of chiropractic technique is quite similar to a remedial massage. The process entails your chiropractor focusing on the affected ligaments and muscles on your body rather than concentrating on spinal therapy. Your chiropractor will apply pressure to the parts of your back that are causing your pain due to inflammation. The soft tissue chiropractic technique is also viable if your body is suffering from any injury waste that could be impeding your mobility. Lastly, soft tissue chiropractic care also helps in eliminating toxins in your body, which in turn can improve blood circulation and accelerate healing.

Gonstead adjustment chiropractic technique

This type of chiropractic care is one of the most common options available. In fact, most chiropractors will start with a Gonstead adjustment when you are undergoing treatment, since this method helps in diagnosing specific problem areas that are leading to chronic back pain. Perhaps you have been living with back pain that is becoming progressively worse. If your pain medications are not mitigating the issue, it is advisable to see a chiropractor who will perform this technique and establish what parts of your spine are compromised. Once the Gonstead adjustment is completed, your chiropractor will then be able to curate adjustments to suit your specific back problems.