What You Should Know About Laser Etchings For A Gravestone

When deliberating on how best to mark your deceased loved one's gravestone, you will find that carving tends to be one of the most commonly employed methods. In recent times, though, etching has become a sought after technique due to the myriad of benefits that it offers. If you have never had to choose and mark a gravestone before, you may be unsure as to why you should invest in it. This piece highlights a few of the things that you should know about etching your deceased loved one's gravestone.

What advantages does laser etching offer the gravestone?

  • Superior quality: A major reason why you should opt for laser etching over carving is the superior quality of the end product. Whether you want to mark the gravestone with wording or imagery or both, you are guaranteed that the clarity will be of the highest quality once you opt for laser etching. This technique is especially beneficial for people that want to include as many details as possible on the gravestone.
  • Effortlessly customisable: The second reason why laser etching should be your top choice is due to the ease of customisation that the technique offers. Laser etching is employed in conjunction with computer-aided design. Therefore, irrespective of how complex you think the graphics are, the computer-aided design ensures that the laser tech is employed with precision. Hence, rather than limiting yourself to easily produced imagery or fonts, laser etching opens a world of possibilities to you.
  • Exceptional longevity: The third reason why you should opt for laser technology for gravestone etchings is for the incomparable durability. In essence, what the laser does to the gravestone is polish away parts of the surface to create the image and words that you have chosen. As a result, the final product is very distinct. Also, the crisp appearance will last for decades, so you can be assured that you are memorializing your loved one for the long term.

Are there limitations to laser etching?

As with most other types of technology, you will come across a few limitations when you opt for laser etchings. Nevertheless, these are few so they will not compromise what you envision for the gravestone. Firstly, laser etching is best employed on black gravestones. Thus, if you want high contrast on the grave marker, you should lean towards a dark-hued stone. Secondly, this technology only works best with high-resolution images. Hence, if you want to avoid blurred imagery, ensure you have the best quality photos for replication.