Staying in a Medical Centre in Beenleigh

If you or a relative has the need for a medical centre in Beenleigh, then either you or your relative is ill or concerned about their health. Do not let your worries trump your rights as a patient. As the old saying goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Essentially, that means that the more vocal you are about your wants and needs the more apt you are to receive the amenities that will make you feel safer and more comfortable during your stay. Read More 

Ten Signs it Might Be Time for Aged Care

Deciding when a loved one should be admitted into aged care at Central Coast is difficult for anyone. How can you tell when it's time? If the individual does not want to go, does that mean that it's okay for them to stay home? Check for the following signs that it might be time to consider the option of aged care. There have been a few close calls Notice if there have been recent falls or accidents. Read More 

Finding The Medical Mobility Vehicle That Works For You

If old age, injury, or disability prevents you from being able to walk, then a medical mobility vehicle can help you maintain a normal life and allow you to go about your daily errands and activities.  But before you make your purchase, learn about the two types of powered vehicles available to you and the different models for each.    Wheelchairs versus Scooters When deciding whether a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter is right for you, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Read More 

Your Pink Eye May Not Need Antibiotic Treatment

A lot of people overlook the severity of conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, and people wearing contact lenses are likely to become victims. Treatment of this condition with antibiotics isn't always the best solution, and you should insist that your optometrist test for adenovirus or allergies before you take medication. Conjunctivitis isn't always benevolent, and some cases may lead to complications like vision loss and sensitivity.  You need to find the source of your illness, so the optometrist can prescribe the best treatment, and help prevent further irritation or ocular complications. Read More 

Are TGA Approved Naturopath Medicines Too Risky?

University of Adelaide researchers reported a recent discovery regarding naturopath medicines in Australia. For every five naturopathic medicines, one of those is not approved by the TGA. The reason for the approval rate, or lack their of, was due to potentially hazardous ingredients found in the medications or supplements. The shocking fact about this discovery was not the denial of the supplements and medications, but in the high risk found in those medications approved by TGA. Read More