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GP Visits | 3 Smart Tactics For Seniors To Prepare For A GP Appointment

Seniors can find it especially hard to prepare for a GP appointment when they are alone and have no support. A basic preparation plan can help you maximise the value from your doctor's appointment, whether you're meeting a new one or visiting an old one. This guide equips seniors with smart tactics in preparation for a GP appointment. Prioritise And Write Down Your Concerns You've probably had several concerns that you wanted to discuss with your GP, only to realise that you missed out on a few important consultations until well after your appointment. Read More 

Symptoms That Could Indicate the Development of Jaw Cancer

Jaw cancer is one of the more common types of diseases due to the fact that it can manifest anywhere in your mouth. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of ignoring the signs of early onset jaw cancer because they assume that it could be an oral condition that will simply go away on its own. The longer these symptoms are ignored, the more developed the cancer becomes. This is why it is prudent to always have any sudden symptoms of oral problems be evaluated at a dental hospital. Read More 

4 Things To Know Before You Get Your New Bite Plate

Orthodontic devices are a fact of life for many teenagers and adults, but the process of getting them fitted can be confusing and cause frustration if you're not aware of the purpose for each component. If your orthodontist has told you that you need a bite plate for your mouth, here are four things to know that will help you understand just what to expect with this treatment. 1. They Treat Overbites -- Bite plates are removable dental devices that have a strong acrylic surface that attaches to the roof of your mouth with the aid of wire clasps at the both sides that fit over your top back teeth. Read More 

Why you Should Take your Child for a Hepatitis B Vaccine

Hepatitis B is a type of viral infection that targets the liver. The infection can cause inflammation, leading to widespread liver scarring. This can disrupt liver function. Children can get hepatitis B during or after birth. Contact with infected persons also makes them prone to the infection if they are not vaccinated. A child may not have any symptoms after they contract hepatitis B, making it difficult for parents and doctors to catch it and treat the symptoms. Read More 

Alleviate Your Child’s Dentist Terror

A fear of the dentist is so common that it does not surprise us at all to see a grown adult run out of a dentist's waiting room in a movie or film. If going to have your teeth checked for cavities is so rough on an adult, what must it be like for a little child? Small children can be quite fearful about going to the dentist, but as their parent, you can take steps to make sure that they are confident about going to the dentist's office. Read More